Benidorm Indoor Market

We open again and like to welcome you back…

New shops are added to this website, keep visiting us…

Benidorm has become a famous tourist city due to its excellent Mediterranean location! Situated in ´La Marina Baixa´ (Alicante) it is surrounded by many beautiful natural sites. This is further characterised by the quality, and cleanliness of its beaches along with, pleasant climate, modern buildings and urban hotels located within its broad streets!

The Benidorm Indoor Market got it all, clothing, english breakfast, money exchange, electronics, reading glasses, aloe vera products, suitcases, birthday cards, printing service etc, etc.

On this page you will find most of the shops that are in the Mercaloix  Indoor Market, their opening times, products, and offers! So check this page regularly, if you don’t want to miss our monthly offers!!

Did you know that the Benidorm Indoor Market is air conditioned?

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